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Tune in LIVE with Roberta Goins as she brings you encouragement and wisdom!

Fall 2013 – On my way to the church I had been attending, serving, and ministering at for almost 20 years, Holy Spirit suddenly told me to “TURN HERE,” to Living Word Bible Church. I have been attending and serving faithfully ever since.

Spring 2014 – My (then fiance and now wife) Roberta and I began attending Unbreakable Marriage Ministries Sunday school class at Living Word.

Spring 2016 – After much prayer and discernment from the Lord, Roberta and I started our own internet radio station and website devoted to living a genuine and fun Christian lifestyle. You don’t have to be stuffy or judgmental to be a Christian. On the contrary, living under the umbrella of Grace instead of the burden of Law, gives us the freedom to enjoy life and embrace all the blessings God truly wants to give us.

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