Dr. Luther Show

The Dr. Luther Show is the latest show added to the Christian Living Radio family. It airs weekly Monday mornings at 6:00am and is on-demand as well. This educational show is dedicated to helping people and organizations find their “cutting edge.”

Dr. Luther Hampton Jr. is President/CEO of Luther Learning LLC. This is an educational firm dedicated to helping people and organizations find their “cutting edge” using an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach. AI is a “strengths-based” change management approach that differs from the traditional consulting/coaching methods of identifying and focusing on deficits. It instead focuses on the defining, discovering, dreaming, designing and delivering individuals and organizations to the destiny they so richly deserve.

As a professional speaker, he uses his forty years of organizational leadership experience in the military and corporate realms as well as his twenty-five years as an active church leader and pastor helping others work through myriad challenges. He has spoken and successfully communicated life change/transition with many in churches, conferences, seminars, prisons and other venues and environments where people are not experiencing full realization of their potential or purpose. He is especially gifted in coaching others to enjoy more vibrant relationships and careers while helping them to actively discover their own unique gifts and life focus. The goal is to help others make more effective contributions to their families, places of worship, and society as a whole.

For his outstanding contributions in Christian ministry, Dr. Hampton was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity in 2016. He has long distinguished himself in the educational fled with earned bachelors and masters degrees from the Southern Illinois University of Engineering and Technology and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Universities respectively and is currently writing his dissertation in pursuit of a doctor of management and organizational leadership degree from the University of Phoenix’s School of Advanced Studies. He also possesses certifications in life coaching, stress and time management. He is also an expert in leadership and educational consulting.
He maintains a private practice in Maricopa Arizona but operate nationally via phone consultation. He is also available to speak at events, consult with organizations, or group and individual coaching.

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