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About Us

Christian Living Radio

Christian Living Radio Ministries (CLRM) is an online Christian radio station whose purpose is to reach people worldwide and show everyone that being a Christian is FUN! CLRM is a non-profit ministry dedicated to spreading the great news of salvation. We want to show the world that living a genuine Christian lifestyle is totally fulfilling.

We provide platforms for both established and up-and-coming independent artists, with a wide variety of music and live videos. On Christian Living Radio artists can share their testimonies world-wide with our national & international audience.

We bring you the latest in live performances, interviews, testimonies, sermons, classes, music and more!

Live Shows

Our Mission

ChristianLivingRadio.com has one primary mission – to spread the Gospel and the Good News about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All of our content both now and in the future is carefully chosen to give people the opportunity to learn about Christianity and living a fun Christian lifestyle under Grace (not Law).

One of our mottos is that Christian living is a “lifeStyle” because there is so much more to being a Christian then just getting dressed up and going to church on Sunday. We are simply flawed humans, like everyone else on this planet – striving to live the best life possible. We live, love, cry, share, and care for each other in so many different ways. Once you allow the grace of God to live in you and flow through you, you can begin living the life of grace that God intended for you. Your God-given purpose and destiny is far better than any life we could ever imagine!

So help us spread and share this wonderful grace-filled Christian lifeStyle by telling someone about our website. Sow into this good ground and allow us to be the vessel to reach others in this walk.

May God bless you and your loved ones in all ways!

Christian Living Radio